Thousands of Birds found Dead by Sambhar Salt Lake, INDIA.

Thousands of Birds including 20 migratory species were found dead by Rajasthan’s Sambhar Salt Lake in India. It’s a mystery that has baffled officials in India. What killed more than 2,000 birds near the country’s largest inland lake?

It all started when locals spotted more than 2000 birds dead near the lake, they alerted the chief conservator of forests. The dead bodies of birds covered about 190 square kilometre or 73 square miles. So far, the reasons aren’t clear but it maybe due to high alkaline and saline level of the water present in the lake. The water can be way too heavy for many species of birds but is not the main reason behind the deaths of 2400 birds. The authorities are still figuring out what caused the deaths. The water sample had been sent for research to the laboratories. Maybe the water was way more contaminated and high toxicity of water.

Moreover the dead bodies were buried in a large pit. The authorities are working to solve the mystery. Also it wasn’t due to some kind of disease as local birds are all well. The main reason behind these mysterious deaths is mainly the highly contaminated water and weather conditions, which has changed a lot recently (as per my opinion), but let’s wait till the authorities find the actual reason.

Praying for those lovely innocent birds and I hope something like this will not happen in the future.



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