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We all have that little voice in our head that holds us back from our dreams. We all have big dreams but we feel like we are not good enough to do it. That little voice in our head holds us back from achieving our goals. Maybe we are afraid of the result or maybe we are afraid of falling or failing.

I also sometimes doubt myself in many things but trust me when I decide to do it, I feel good about my decision.

When I started my blog page, this little voice of my mind told me that I am going to fail miserably. I was afraid and doubtful, but not listening to that inner voice and taking the risk of failing helped me witness this wonderful community of people.

I am just a beginner, I don’t know whether people are going to love my blogs or not when there are a lot real good bloggers out there who inspire a dozen thousand people. My inner voice still says me to quit but I don’t feel like giving up so easily.

The thing I want to say is if you dream of something odd and extraordinary then dare to fall. I promise when you’ll rise up you’ll be more powerful then before.

Everyone’s dream matter, if you don’t work hard to make it real then buddy you can never live your dream. Dare to fail and rise.

Don’t listen to the cons of living your dream, just think about the pros and you’ll always chase whatever you want in life.

I hope that your dreams do come true, just never give up on yourself.

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Hi there! I am a 18 years old teenage girl trying to express my feelings and experiences through words.



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