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13 Things To Do During Home Quarantine – Part 2


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So, my previous version of this consists more of like fun things except for one and that was to complete your homework. I know homework sucks but you gotta do that kiddo! This version is more so like “Productive Things To Do During Home Quarantine”, also if you haven’t read the previous one, go check that out 12 Things To Do During Home Quarantine – Part 1 

With that said let’s get started!!

1. Clear Out All Of Your Expired Products

I am a girl and I buy tons of makeup products, skincare products, and some random products that I will never use but will buy at that moment. I basically use selected products on a day-to-day basis but then also, I don’t know why but I buy a lot of products that I know I won’t use but I buy it anyways!

I know it happens with almost every girl out there (and maybe some boys too?!), which is why we should utilize this time and clear out that clutter or just give away the products that are good but you know deep down there that you will not use them, at least not until they are expired.

2. Clean Your Closet

Another perk of being a girl is to shop until you drop and I am guilty of doing that. I would always tell myself – Girl, you are not going to shop this time, you already have way too many clothes and just in the meantime either I would just see a cute dress in a shop or an ad would just pop-up out of nowhere and I would buy it.

I have way too many clothes that I don’t wear, I would never wear probably but would buy! So, I suggest to also clear your closet, so that you have plenty of reasons and space to buy new ones!!

3. Review All Of Your Paid Subscriptions

It happens that you might pay for a subscription and after some time you are just bored from it or maybe your sibling also has an account for that. It is the time to check which plans you actually need and what you don’t need anymore. And money doesn’t grow on trees so take some time and review every plan that you have subscribed into.

In my case, I have subscribed for Apple TV+ when it was released in India, but I have never ever used it which is why I unsubscribed from it and also my brother is already paying for it so I could just use his account, if you are reading it,  I am already using your account in every possible streaming site and I am thankful for it. I love you a lot (enough of that buttering stuff!)

4. Clean Your Desktop and Laptop 

By cleaning, I mean to clean your laptop and Desktop inside out. Organise the folders and files in your device. Organise the files that you are currently using and put those files that you don’t need in the trash.

Once it is done, clean your laptop’s and desktop’s screen and keyboard. Clean it’s covers too. I clean my laptop and desktop every Sunday and nowadays I clean them every alternate day.

5.Delete Unwanted and Duplicate Photos

We all have those photos that we no longer need. Especially those burst shot photos. My gallery is full of my pet’s photos and most of them are burst shots or are blurred or my furry friend is busy scratching his head.

(If you have a pet, you know the struggle is real!)

Clean your gallery so that you have enough space when you get out of quarantine.

6. Watch a TED Talk

TED Talks are really inspirational and knowledgeful. If you are really looking for a bit of motivation to start your day, there is nothing better than watching an episode of TED Talks.

••Wash Your Hands••

Remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds with a handwash liquid.

7. Start Gratitude Journaling

I am really thankful to everyone at this time. It is the best time to start Gratitude Journaling. I am actually thankful to all the doctors who are working super hard during this time, I am thankful to the workers who sanitise the areas regularly, I am thankful to those sitting in the pharmacy, I am thankful to people working at a grocery, dairy and general stores.

Showing your gratitude for others is something that everyone should learn!

Get some Gratitude Journaling questions from Pinterest or Google and at the beginning and end of each day answer those questions.

8. Clean All The Mirror and Windows

We have plenty of time, get out your cleaning liquid and brush and get going! I personally don’t clean my mirror very often which is why it is pretty nasty. So, I cleaned my mirror and now I am good to go for any mirror selfies!

9. Make A Meal Plan

I am pretty strict about what I eat because I am less of a junk food eater, so if I want to eat a pizza, I would have to prep for pizza dough, pizza sauce, everything homemade basically. The thing is I love junk food but the only case is it has to be homemade which is not possible because they consume a lot of time. So, my go-to breakfast is pancakes, doughnuts, cupcakes with a smoothie.

Also, because I am at home now, I consume a lot of junk food and that is fine, at least that is what I tell myself. So, coming back to the point; meal prep is a good thing.

10. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I have a ton of makeup brushes and beauty blenders and I don’t clean every single one of them, I have like 3 beauty blenders so if one is dirty and I am not in the mood to clean it, I would through it in my dirty makeup brush drawer and continue with the second one.

Or sometimes I would just clean them like lazy kiddo so they are neither actually dirty nor clean. I think everyone does that which is why you should probably clean your makeup brushes. Also, try to clean your makeup brushes every day at least until you are quarantined.

11. Unfollow Accounts On Instagram That You No Longer Like

It happens a lot with me that I would follow an account just to see a meme that my friend send me and later I would just forget about it, I only follow the people I know, celebrities that inspire me and some meme accounts. I am not a big fan of a feed filled with stuff! I only use Instagram to connect with my friends.

It is the only reason I unfollow many accounts very often. It might also happen with you that some accounts would just start posting lame stuff after some time so just unfollow those account because you have plenty of time now.

12. Organise Your Vanity & Work Area

No one cleans their vanity and work area very often! This is the time when you can start organising your area every day.

I personally clean my work area every week but when it comes to my vanity area, I organise it maybe every month or my mom would just start throwing my makeup in the trash and I would immediately organise my space.

So, organise your area every day and enjoy the feeling of having an organised space.

13. Organise Your Room & Other Spaces

If you are done with organising your room, go out and organise the study area or the living area. I personally love organising other spaces with my mom because we do all silly things together when we are organising. I also love gardening with my mom.

So, maybe try and organise other spaces with your mom, I am pretty confident that she will love another pair of helping hands. Or if you live alone, move the pieces of furniture a little bit and change the decor and make other changes as per your wish!

Hope this list will help you. Also, if you need more ideas on what you can do during home quarantine, part 3 is on its way!

Have a good day!



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