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Hello Guys! I hope you all are doing well, washing your hands for 20 seconds, using masks and sanitizers, avoiding any public gatherings and in case of having any symptoms related to COVID-19 make sure to get checked. Always remember that precautions are better than cure. I hope that you all are safe, your loved ones are safe and healthy. In case you need a friend to talk to, feel free to comment in any of my blogs or you can even email me at And without any further ado let’s begin with this Decade Tag.


Thank you James A. for nominating me for The Decade Tag. Even though a decade ago I was just 8 years-old who was busy playing with her toys and didn’t have any idea about her future. Okay! Let’s get back to this challenge now! Thank you James A. for the nomination, you are the sweetest of all! Guys, make sure to go and check out his blog.

To Play With This Tag :

1. Please share a link to the creator of the Tag:

2. Share some highlights for you over the past decade and if you want, a few low points.

3. Tag whoever you want.

4. Ask them questions.

5. Use any picture appropriate for such a Tag.

My Highs:

I believe I have the best memories as a kid. Every day was the best and every day is the best to this day. I am the kind of person who don’t complain a lot. But I am not a successful person yet. But some of my highs include:

  1. Starting this blog.
  2. Studying what I love, i.e., business management.
  3. Being clear about what I want.
  4. Having a golden retriever (he is the best thing so far)

My Lows:

  1. Taking things for granted.
  2. My Anxiety.


  1. What is your goal for your life in ten years? Getting into my dream college, starting my own company, being able to inspire people.
  2. What is your favourite moment in your decade? When I first saw my buddy (my dog).
  3. Do you wish you could change anything that took place in your 10 Years? I believe that whatever happened made me a better person and I will never ever change my past. I just want to make more mistakes, learn the most from them!
  4. How would you describe you ten years ago? A kid who was a free soul, who doesn’t care about anything, who used to play the whole day, who was cute and rude at the same time!
  5. What was the most proudest moment in your ten years?  My first earning. It was just $15 but it was my first salary and it means the world to me.

I am Nominating:

Saania Sparkle



Abigail Johnston 

Jyoti’s Corner

Ken Deng

My Questions:

1. What’s one thing that has happened to you that has made you a stronger person? 

2. What’s the One Thing that you cherish the most?

3. Where would you go to if you are sad?

4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

5. Your favourite moment of the decade?



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