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Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing fine and are safe and healthy. COVID-19 is causing a huge tension across the globe, as a result, my college closed to prevent mass gathering and increasing the spread. All the cafes, restaurants, malls, etc are shut down and we are insisted to stay indoors in order to stay safe.

I am utilizing my holidays and focusing more on my studies which is the reason I’ll be posting more of study related content.

You guys also stay indoors and stay safe. Use sanitizers and masks, avoid going to public places, in case of cold and fever-like symptoms make sure to get checked.

Also, ignore my dirty keyboard cover!!


A prodigy trying hand on blogging


  • Ken Deng

    I am a Chinese junior high student blogger and YouTuber. I have to stay at home and do my school works, my school is going to take measures to have online lessons at home. Also, I’m busy with study and I need to use my computers all day.
    Your computer shelf is really interesting because it can let you have an enough space to study.
    This article has helped me a lot to study at home. Thanks for sharing!

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