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A Happy Moment


So, what does your happy moment looks like? Was it doing breakfast with your family, or lunch with friends, or shopping with your kids, or dropping your kid to school, etc. These small things we all do in a day is actually all that matters. These small simple things we do is what brings happiness in our lives. Happiness is not just an act, it is an emotion, a feeling that comes from within. For me; doing breakfast with my family is happy, taking my pet for a walk is happiness, taking out a moment for myself is happiness, talking to my cousins is happiness, reading a book is happiness. 

The other day, I was reading an article and it asked what happiness in your life looks like? Is it achieving your dream goals or reading your favourite author?  My answer was reading my favourite author because that is something I do every day and I love reading books, I can talk about books for like an entire day or more than that! Achieving a goal is awesome and I would be more than happy after it, but the question is Do I achieve those Dream Goals every day? The answer is NO. I mean if it is my Dream Goal, how can I achieve it every day and if I cannot achieve it every day, I will not be happy every day! The thing is that Dream Goal is not the everything that could make me happy, the things that make me happy every day are simpler, it could be as simple as getting wet in the rain or as funny as dancing in the middle of nowhere or as scary as going to a haunted location with my super scary friends. 

The time when I smile is my Happy Moment. And I smile like hundred times in a day.

Happiness lies in the small things that you do every day. You just have to stop complaining and start living, the moment you did it, you will find your happy moment!

The small things that we do, that brings a smile in our faces are our happy moments. The moments we live to our fullest are our happy moments. They make us learn and laugh at the same time. When I was a kid, doing breakfast with full family or going on weekend trips with my loved ones was a tradition and I took it for granted but as I have grown up, these things are what brings happiness in my life, a small family brunch or a road trip with mom and dad brings joy in my life. These small things are what I call my happy moments now. The things I took for granted are now the things that bring happiness to me.

It is all about how you see things.

What was your Today’s Happy Moment? (Tell me in the comments section !) My today’s happy moment was my brunch date with my sister.


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