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I Got My Wisdom Teeth Removed

This blog is particularly bigger than usual because I am sharing a detailed article on my experience with my Wisdom Teeth Surgery.

Dentists might be creepy and for someone like me who never ever have visited a dentist before, this experience was horrific. I am not afraid of the dentist or anything, it’s just visiting a dentist for the first time and getting a surgery done is a big deal. And let’s be honest the word “surgery” itself is a bit horrific. But I’ll be honest with you guys and my overall experience with the surgery was not that bad (it wasn’t good at all too).

I first went to the dentist in May 2019 because my gum was a little swollen back there and was collecting debris of the food. So, it was a general checkup, the dentist did an X-Ray and everything was fine until the X-Ray came and the doctor looked at me and said baby you got all 4 of your wisdom teeth and every single of them needed to be removed because they were in awkward angles and will disturb the alignment of other teeth. I started sobbing because I am afraid of blood! So, the doctor said that I could take some painkillers and gel for the swollen gum which will help reduce the pain and swelling, also she suggested to let her know when the pain comes back.

I was fortunate enough because the pain didn’t come back since January 5 and I’ll be honest that this time the pain was even worse. I couldn’t breathe properly because my body was in pain, I was having mental breakdowns, bad headaches, etc. I tried to ignore the pain until it was at its peak. I went to my dentist on February 5 and she suggested me to get those bad buddies out (wisdom teeth). My molars were badly stuck with the nerves so I went to a Maxillofacial Dental Surgeon.

So, it was February 8 and my dentist suggested to get another X-Ray and blood test done. I did the same and it was around 2 P.M and my surgery was about to start. I was afraid as hell, I was shaking and so my doctor suggested to get my molars out in a set of 2. Because I was getting 2 molars out at a time, I was given Local Anaesthesia. I could hear them talking, I could hear the drilling sound and everything and all of my pain were because of the noise. I could see the blood and everything but the surgery itself was not quite painful. Yes, it will be a little painful when you are on local anaesthesia because obviously, they are messing with your jaw and everything but if you are thinking to get your wisdom teeth out, get it done it is not that bad too.

Day 1 (My Surgery Day) – After my surgery they made me stay for about an hour to assure that my bleeding actually stopped and then gave me a ton (Yes! A Ton) of medicines. They asked me not to spit and to swallow everything. Asked me to eat Ice-Creams of Jell-O and also to use an ice pack on my face to reduce swelling. That night was the most painful night for me because once the effect of anaesthesia was gone the pain was its peak and the pain was horrible. It felt like I am going to die and whatnot. I took the painkillers and went to sleep. I was not able to sleep properly but anyhow I managed through that night.

Day 2 – When I woke up I had a fever of 100 degrees and I was shaking and getting chills. Also, the pain was at its peak on Day 2 and I could barely eat anything. I was on a liquid diet and swallowing those medicines was the toughest part of the day. My stomach was also really upset that day and so I called my doctor and he suggested that I should eat something rather than only living on a liquid diet. I ate a pancake and it was the most delicious pancake for sure.

Day 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – The swelling was decreasing day-by-day and the pain was also going away. I could easily eat oats, pancakes, hummus, cakes, gravies, rice, etc. and that was it. I was super engaged playing Call of Duty and the day went by.

Day 8 – I had my doctor’s appointment that went well. I was not having any sort of complications like a dry socket, bad breathe, joint pain, etc. My doctor did make me cry by forcefully opening my mouth and that was crazy because after that I was pretty much back on my regular diet. After that visit, I literally went and grab french fries, coffee, pizza, tacos, mousse cakes and whatnot. I actually cursed my doctor for opening my mouth forcefully but later on, I was thankful.

Tip: If you are about to get your wisdom teeth removed, practise opening your mouth from Day 3.

Also, try to use ice-pack as much as possible because it will help in reducing the swelling.

Day 9, 10, and so on – I started taking my normal diet and that was the best feeling. As the days went by my pain was very mild or on some days there was no pain. I am back to my normal lifestyle and I was lucky enough to not get any complication. The only weird thing was my sense of the left lip was gone for almost a week and it was because my molar was tangled in between the nerves and my doctor said that my lip will be normal in a month or so.

Overall it was a bitter-sweet experience and if you are thinking to get your wisdom teeth out, please do the background check, search for the doctor that you think is best for you.

Wisdom teeth removal is not that painful in overall terms. The only pain you’ll feel is in the first 2 days and that the pain will gradually go away. Wisdom teeth, if not removed can cause harm to your mouth so, if you have impacted wisdom teeth, make sure to get it out.




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